Lautaro looks in the dark! Agent: who doesn’t want Barcelona to play?

Lautaro looks in the dark! Agent: who doesn't want Barcelona to play?
“Lautaro looks down on Barcelona!” On Thursday, Spain’s daily sport put lautaro on the cover. The newspaper pointed out that the lautaro team has stopped negotiating with Inter for a new contract and they are waiting for an official offer from Barcelona. Lautaro’s agent, Camillo, also showed his affection to Barcelona, saying: “we are very calm now. We have to solve the problem at Inter first, but who doesn’t like to play in Barcelona? It’s one of the greatest clubs in the world But lautaro’s agent also said: “no one in Barcelona called me. I have a good relationship with Alemanni, but it’s nothing right now“ Now our job is to understand Inter’s plans and listen to offers from other clubs. We are in good shape now, but we have to wait and see. ” Sky sports report, inter give Lao